Thursday, April 12, 2012

Letters to Oliver - Month 12

Dear Oliver,

Happy first birthday! I can't believe it! I know I said last month that I couldn't believe you'd be one soon, because you still seemed to baby-like to me. But, holy cow, it seems that your first birthday flipped a switch within your brain, because you are now in full-blown toddler mode! You are on the verge of walking, you climb on EVERYTHING, you imitate everything we do, you're trying out new sounds, and you are into everything you can get your hands on! You love disassembling things, pulling things out of drawers, bags, and boxes, and just generally making a mess. And you're fast!

But you are still just as sweet as you can be, very lovey and snuggly, and you have a great sense of humor. You love to be chased and tickled and nibbled. You've even started letting us feed you with a spoon - enthusiastically, no less - and you now eat a big bowl of oatmeal every morning. You even grin after every bite! Now that's what I call progress!

Right on cue, you have two one-year molars starting to come in, but they haven't seemed to bother you at all. You've had a big gap in teething time, and I've been dreading new teeth for months, expecting a sleep strike, but so far, so good. Time will tell, but I'm hoping for the best.

You get a big kick out of the chickens - in fact, I think chicken is your first word aside from Mama, Dada, and Bye-bye. Every time you see the chickens (or any bird, really), you get excited and start saying "Ticka-ticka-ticka!" So stinkin' cute! You love to look at them and try to make a grab at their faces every time. I guess you haven't scared them off yet, though, because they still don't mind having you around them!

We've had so much fun watching your personality come out, and in the past week, it seems that you're learning and doing something new every day! And the climbing - oh my gosh, you're going to give someone a heart attack! I don't know if it's a boy thing or just a toddler thing, but you climb on everything you can possibly think of, and if you find that you're not able to scale something, you get mad. You once used your brother as a step-up to climb on the couch, and when you were unable to replicate that action, you'd think your world had ended! You'd try and try to climb up again, attempting to use the pillows as leverage, and upon failing to find yourself on top of the couch, you'd bury your face in the cushion and cry. It sounds sad when I type it, but it was actually really funny. Whoops.

Yesterday we took a little road trip to see Gans, and on the way you kept yourself entertained by teasing your brother. You were playing with this toy phone, and you held out your arm to offer it to Jude. When he reached out to take it, you'd quickly pull your arm back and screech, as if to say "PSYCH!!" You did this over and over again, and we were all laughing so hard! You got the biggest kick out of teasing your big brother. I can see where this relationship is going!

Well, you got your first haircut. It pained me to cut your hair! Your dark newborn tips are gone and your wispy little side curls - I called them your wings - are gone, but your hair is no longer in your eyes and no one would dare mistake you for a little girl again. I miss your long baby hair, but I have to say, you do look adorable with your new haircut, such a big, handsome boy. I really, really miss your hair though. I'm shedding a little tear on the inside!

Your first birthday party was a big success! We kept the group small and it was just right. You didn't go nuts with your cake, but you did taste the icing and seemed to like it. I made you a vanilla vegan cake, and it was quite tasty, but I guess you just weren't sure what to make of something so sweet. But don't worry, you're sweet enough without it. And yes, I still plan to say cheesy stuff like that when you're a teenager. In front of your friends. And now I can say I warned you!

I'm so proud of you, Ollie. We've made it through your first year! In fact, I think it's safe to say we kicked ass for your first year! You made it through without any illness whatsoever, we're still breastfeeding, and you are rocking it with the milestones! You've been an amazingly wonderful addition to our family; you were exactly what we were missing.  Thank you for being such a fun, sweet, beautiful baby. Here's to your next stage of life!



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Nicky said...

What a wonderful letter to a wonderful little boy who I adore. I adore Jude too! Jude plus Oliver =mass amounts of love